Monday, September 19, 2011

IELTS Result

Recently I just got the news through a call that I could check my IELTS result online as one of my family members had just found out what my candidate number was after several days of forgetting it. Fear surrounded me immedietely!

After I hanged up the call, I did as I was told, which was to slowly type in for the Google webpage on my laptop in search for IELTS result. Whilst the page was loading I thought of ALLAH, asked from HIM to make my target a reality & kept on wishing in my mind 'bismillah'. 3 minutes afterwards, the page was fully-loaded, it contained of all the information that I had filled in back then. Slowly, with the mouse I moved the page downwards. By what I could see in front of my eyes, I felt proud of what I had achieved in my Listening & Reading test but I felt the exact opposite for my Writing & Speaking test. Was the reason I didn't manage to gain what I wanted because I was too nervous during the time that I took those two test or something??? Anyways this is my result =>

IELTS Result

Test Result
Listening 7.5
Reading 6.5
Writing 5.5
Speaking 5.5
Overall Band 6.5

Never mind, the past is the past. What I should focus now is on my future. Never look back as you've still got a long way to go Amy! If you get lost, you know ALLAH is always by your side guiding your every step. Just remember HIM & HE will remember you...