Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolutions: 2012

New visitors! Welcome...

A new year has ended & a new year has begun, 2012. New year resolutions are needed to be built in my mind. Think, think, think...I've got it!

New Year Resolutions: 2012
1) Praise be to Allah S.W.T. for all that HE has given me.

2) Remember Allah S.W.T. through difficulties & easy-peasy.

3) Try to achieve more good deeds & less bad deeds.

4) Control my emotions.

5) Grade 12, important examinations...strive for success!

6) Stop wasting precious time on things that brings no benefit.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Adapting to life in Canada

Ever since the day of my arrival in Canada, I have gone through many ups & downs. There were times where I was thrilled to be where here & times where I wished that I was back in Malaysia. I suppose you still do not understand where I am driving you to, correct? Explanations:

Cheers: a. I have been given a chance by Allah S.W.T. to experience life here, syukran!
b. Got an opportunity to further my studies overseas once again.

c. Managing to live a mature adult life.
d. Made new around the globe friends that are also studying here.
e. Searching for sustenance.

Frown: a. Miss my relatives, friends & ex-teachers in Malaysia.

b. Winter, chilling cold! Have to wear 3 layer clothing wherever I go.
c. Quite difficult to find 'HALAL' food here.
e. Hard to find Islam friends, hmm...
f. Nervous in attending Grade 12 & going through the types of subjects being taught.

Hopefully, Allah will guide me alongst the way.