Sunday, December 25, 2011

Adapting to life in Canada

Ever since the day of my arrival in Canada, I have gone through many ups & downs. There were times where I was thrilled to be where here & times where I wished that I was back in Malaysia. I suppose you still do not understand where I am driving you to, correct? Explanations:

Cheers: a. I have been given a chance by Allah S.W.T. to experience life here, syukran!
b. Got an opportunity to further my studies overseas once again.

c. Managing to live a mature adult life.
d. Made new around the globe friends that are also studying here.
e. Searching for sustenance.

Frown: a. Miss my relatives, friends & ex-teachers in Malaysia.

b. Winter, chilling cold! Have to wear 3 layer clothing wherever I go.
c. Quite difficult to find 'HALAL' food here.
e. Hard to find Islam friends, hmm...
f. Nervous in attending Grade 12 & going through the types of subjects being taught.

Hopefully, Allah will guide me alongst the way.